The Board allocates 150 million to an urgent loan program for Andalusian industrial SMEs

The Junta de Andalucía will allocate 150 million euros to an urgent program of financial aid to small and medium-sized industrial companies that seek to deal with the serious effects of the economic crisis on this sector, especially vulnerable to the widespread and persistent reduction of credits for productive activities.

This new financial injection, which will be articulated through calls for soft loans in the long term and competitive competitive regime, is the main initiative that establishes the law Decree financial aid for industrial SMEs and for agricultural production affected by natural adversities , approved on Tuesday by the Government Council and announced at a press conference by the president of the Board, Susana Díaz.

According to the Board, the norm, which also includes extensions of the terms of the Youth Employment Bond and autonomous work aids, adopts the Decree-Law formula for the situations of urgent need that motivate it. 

In relation to industrial SMEs, among the data that support the need for rapid action, highlights the greater incidence of the crisis on the Andalusian industrial sector, with a reduction of 19.6 percent in its business fabric, and the persistence of the fall of credit to productive activities in Spain, where only 40 percent of SMEs currently get the loans they request.

To alleviate these financing difficulties, the program will make available to Andalusian industrial SMEs soft long-term loans and interest at below market prices for a total value of 150 million euros, co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (Feder ).

The first call, which is included in the Decree-Law itself, is endowed with a maximum amount of 58 million euros for the year 2014. The deadline for submission of applications will be three months from the entry into force of the standard. The following calls will be made through orders from the Ministry of Economy, Innovation, Science, and Employment.

The program is aimed at SMEs in the industrial sector with social and tax domicile in Andalusia, legal form of business or cooperative society, a workforce equal to or less than 50 workers and at least four years of continuous activity, among other requirements.

Loans will be linked to business plans that companies must define according to their activities and financial, commercial and technological capabilities- Vicvirtual. They cannot exceed 200,000 euros and must provide a capital increase of at least 25 percent of the total credit. Neither will they exceed 25 percent of the company’s own resources at the time of its request. The terms are established in five or seven years.


Valuation criteria

Valuation criteria

The calls will be processed and resolved in a competitive concurrency system, that is, based on the comparison between the applications submitted and the hierarchy of the same based on the evaluation criteria. These are divided into three blocks: characteristics of the business plan, corporate social responsibility, and solvency of the applicant company.

In relation to the business plan, the preferred sectors are prioritized, such as aerospace, agroindustrial, biotechnology, energy and environmental, as well as companies located in technological spaces.

In terms of social responsibility, the inclusion of specific plans for equality between men and women and reconciliation of work and family life, as well as the location of investments in municipalities with low economic activity, will be assessed. Companies that exceed 5 percent of staff with disabilities and those with more than 10 percent of the social capital divided by more than 20 percent of the workforce will also be scored.

Business plans may include, among other chapters, acquisition of land; service rush; urbanization and shipbuilding works; provision of equipment goods and facilities and computer programs; planning, engineering and facultative management work, and acquisition of patents and exploitation licenses.

The loans will be compatible with other financial resources for the same purposes that come from administrations and private entities, both national and European Union and other international organizations, as long as the amount of the same does not exceed the costs of the incentivized projects.


Youth bonus and self-help

Youth bonus and self-help


Together with the program to help SMEs, the Decree-Law includes two extensions of terms referring to the Youth Employment and Support and Promotion of Autonomous Work programs. In the first case, the period for the formalization of the contracts foreseen in the program is extended until March 31, 2014. In addition, it is established that the beneficiary of the bonus will retain the right to the benefit for three months in case the first contractual relationship is terminated if he finds another job.

The Young Employment Bond, which has a budget of 18 million euros in the 2013-2014 period and a forecast of 3,700 beneficiaries, is aimed at university graduates, Vocational Training of medium or higher grade and graduates in Compulsory Secondary Education from of the Second Educational Opportunity Program. It is an aid of 4,800 euros for children under 35, distributed in 12 monthly installments of 400 euros, which becomes effective when a labor contract is signed for one full-time year.

With regard to the Program for the Support and Promotion of Autonomous Work, the Decree-Law extends the validity of its line of incentives for the promotion of innovation in autonomous work until the end of 2014, in order to meet the high volume of requests received. This measure includes three types of aid: 2,000 euros for the establishment of the project, up to 8,000 for its development and 3,000 euros for each full-time indefinite contract (up to a maximum of three) by the self-employed employer.

On the other hand, the Decree-Law also includes a regulatory amendment so that the two members of the Council for the Defense of the Competition of Andalusia no longer have the status of senior officials and those of exclusivity and absolute dedication.


Questions You Need To Ask Within Choosing The Right Bad Credit Auto Loan

If you want to choose holidays trip with your family members, but you do not have enough cash do that, then there is absolutely no be concerned

You can still go for the particular trip and enjoy your holidays. It can be done easily by taking the private loan. Don’t be afraid. Using debt is no more the dilemma. Gone are those times, when people had to face several problems on taking credit. In the present scenario, it has turned out to be one of the best sources of getting rid of economic crisis as well as enhancing the residing standards.

The interest rate the lender charges you is based on the risk. An unsecured personal loans online mortgage does not have any collateral at the rear of it; if the person taking money does not pay it back, the lending company cannot take a car or even furniture. Some lenders will need a good credit score and credit rating and other lenders are only worried that the borrower has a method to pay back the money. Each borrower’s goal is to get a variety of offers and pick the greatest one for them.

If you have one card having a low balance that you can rapidly pay down to zero, you might hold onto it for events

However, the program will usually not work unless you join all of your high balance (greater than $500) credit card balances. As you can imagine, it makes it difficult for all of us to negotiate with your lenders if they can see that you are discussing on some accounts, however, not others.

There are two sorts of personal loans; the secured plus unsecured personal loans online. You submit security as security in the guaranteed personal loan. The collateral gets the lender’s possession in case you fail to repay the mortgage in due time. Within the unsecured loan, you don’t have to post any collateral. The short-term loans have high-interest rates and extra fees. The chances of getting choices quite low.

Other options. Before applying for a poor credit loan, why not try to look for other ways to produce the cash you require? You might be able to borrow from the friend or a relative for any much lower interest rate. Have you considered offering one of your unsecured personal loans online belongings or perhaps a valuable asset? It might not have to get necessary to take out a bad credit score loan unless you have no various other viable option.

Applying for an online unsecured personal loan you need not really show any collateral towards the lenders. There are lots of lenders accessible in local and on online who else makes your search for money simpler. Unsecured instant personal loans usually do not ask for any security however the loan amount is a bit much less i. e. 1000-10, 1000 and the repayment swings in between 6 months and 10 years on the scheme you choose to acquire.

You need not mix seven oceans for getting these types of loans. Just spend a number of your valuable time on the net. Because of the rocking competition among the loan companies, there are lots waiting for you within local market as well as within national market. Just fill up a letter which includes your name, job evidence if you are a job holder, home proof, etc and inserts it over the net in any from the lending agencies web site. Within few hours you will get contact from the lenders who are prepared to offer your loans based on the terms and conditions.

Fight for care level: appeal against MDK report

Monday, 11.08.14 , written by Anja Schlicht The medical service of the health insurance (MDK) is always in the criticism. The reason: Many reports that decide on the approval of a care level should be wrong. ARD is currently reporting on the struggle of those affected with the MDK and the Nursing Fund. What can people in need of care and relatives do when refusing care? >

Pflegestufe abgelehnt: Widerspruch gegen MDK Gutachten einlegen

Expert opinion of the MDK decides on care level

Many MDK reports are wrong. The report now ARD in the program “Exclusive in the first: In doubt against the patient?” Many sufferers are either divided into a wrong care level or the care level is even rejected. Most of the time, only a few minutes of nursing time are missing to be grouped into a better level. But sometimes the claims of those in need of care are refuted by “absurd justifications”, reports ARD. For example, some statements in the opinions are inconsistent with reality.

Nursing expert Karin Svete estimates that 70 percent of the reports do not meet the needs of the insured. She speaks of a system with which cash registers can save money.


ARD: Independence of MDK reports questionable

The experts of the MDK make their decisions independently by law. But since in the boards of the MDK board of directors “up to 40 percent full-time cashier employees” of the statutory health insurance are to sit, remain doubts at the independence of the reviewers . Finally, the care fund saves money with any rejection or lower classification. The MDK and the Kassen deny a limited independence of the experts by the committee occupation. However, the report of the ARD shows a different reality.

Avoid rejection of the care level

But the reviewers of the medical service of health insurance now on the basis of the ARD research under general suspicion, would be wrong. In some cases, those affected are insufficiently prepared for the employee’s visit , so that expert reports are created on the basis of which the care fund makes the wrong decision from the insured’s point of view. The MDK itself provides some useful pointers on what happens during care assessment and how to adjust to it.


Trip hazard: Insufficient benefits from the statutory long-term care insurance

Even if people are easily grouped into the right care level, they have to pay a large part of the care themselves. Only with a private nursing care insurance can the immense financial burden be avoided.

Our service for you

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Be prepared for MDK reports: keep a care log

The classification into a care level is based on the time spent on nursing. However , those in need of care are often nervous or particularly motivated on the day of the assessment and behave differently than usual. Activities that are usually not possible, such as coffee-making, are easier. The reviewer gets a picture that may be distorted. This shows the advantage of a nursing diary , with which everyday behavior is documented to the minute over several days. Thus MDK employees have the opportunity to assess the nursing effort beyond the visit. The magazine ZDF WISO points out, however, that relatives should be very specific about the entries in the book and should not summarize activities.

Care level rejected by MDK report: appeal

If the care level is rejected or falls too low, affected persons have the opportunity to appeal within four weeks . This must be directed to the care fund and not to the MDK. In the first step, it is sufficient to file the opposition and submit a corresponding reasoning later. In addition, relatives and people in need of care should ask for insight into the MDK report in order to be able to understand the decision. It also makes sense to get support from a nurse, for example, to explain where the report deviates from the actual need for care. If those affected do not have a nursing service or can not consult them, they also have the option of contacting specialized service providers such as Familiara. If the contradiction is granted, there is a second opinion from another MDK employee. If the care fund rejects the objection, it is possible to sue before the social court.

Editor’s tip: What can privately insured persons do?

Privately insured is the way the opposition procedure is usually denied. You have to go straight to the court. However, it is worthwhile talking to the insurance company about the report first and possibly objecting.

MDK assesses the need for long-term care

Refusals of the care level are particularly bitter because the care of the person concerned does not take up enough time. In

necessary to obtain the appropriate level of care and related care services. However, with the introduction of a new concept of care , the classification should no longer be measured against time. Instead, according to the Federal Ministry of Health, it is planned to distribute points “that reflect how far a person’s self-employment is limited.” The new term is currently in a trial phase and should be rolled out by mid-2017.


Here you will find tips and more information on private nursing care insurance. >

Anja Schlicht

editorial staff

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Question of the week: What tips are there for mortgage lending?

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news Question of the week: What tips are there for mortgage lending? News always well informed Friday, 22.09.17 , written by Annabell Meyer Living out in your own home instead of taking into consideration the neighbors in the rented apartment – For many people, the dream of owning a home is high on the wish list. Different types of mortgage lending help to realize this. But no matter which way home builders choose, they should follow some tips, advises Stiftung Warentest. > Bauherren sollten bei der Baufinanzierung einige Tipps beachten With the right mortgage lending, the dream of a home comes true

  • Buying or building your own home is only possible for many people with financial support.

  • There are various options for mortgage lending, but there are lurking stumbling blocks, as the Stiftung Warentest currently shows.

  • However, those who carefully plan the dream of owning a home and who are well informed about the various financing options can easily fulfill this.

Whether you build or buy yourself, people want to realize their dream of owning a home, they usually need financial support. For mortgage lenders, builders and buyers can choose between several options. However, it is important not to make any hasty decisions . As a rule, the loan runs for many years. In addition, there are some pitfalls that house builders can tap into. In the new financial test (10/2017) the Stiftung Warentest has summarized helpful construction financing tips.

Home Financing Tips: A good finance plan is the nuts and bolts

Before the construction of the house starts or the contract of sale is signed, it is important to set up a financing plan that is as accurate as possible, with all the costs involved . Here, future homeowners should think of more than just the purchase price of the house or land. Because there are still costs such as the land transfer tax, possibly a commission for the broker and notary fees added. So that no unpleasant surprises or financial bottlenecks threaten, these expenditures must be taken into account, gives the donation commodity test as important building finance tip. A careful financing plan can also help to choose the right financing method from various offers.

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Always keep an eye on your own finances when it comes to mortgage lending

In addition to a cost statement, the consumer organization is one of the most important mortgage lending tips to assess your own financial situation correctly and, above all, realistically. Thus, not more than 40 percent of the monthly income should be used for mortgage lending . Because even if homeowners can raise more money, it is advisable not to spend too much money financially. It is also useful to allow for possible incidents. For example, if couples suddenly lose one in two incomes, it will be difficult to maintain rates on the loan and at the same time cover other ongoing costs.

At the same time, the Stiftung Warentest advises against tackling the dream of having one's own home with too little or even no equity. Interested parties have no reserves that they can contribute to the financing of the home , the real estate loan for them more expensive . The experts give home builders for mortgage lending the tip, 10 to 20 percent of the purchase price and the additional costs themselves.

Mortgage lending tips: Pay attention to sufficient flexibility

Many real estate loans run for several years or even decades. During such a long time, a lot can happen in the life of the borrower. Of course, not every possible change in the circumstances of the life of the loan contract can be taken into account. Nevertheless, customers should pay attention to a certain flexibility. In particular, the option of being able to lower or raise rates as needed protects borrowers from financial mortgage failure. The same applies to special repayments.

Attention: Especially with a short interest rate this ends before the real estate loan is completely repaid. Builders should therefore take care of the necessary follow-up financing at an early stage. It is advisable to check other options in addition to the offer of your own bank. Because with a cheap follow-up loan can save several thousand euros under certain circumstances.

Here you will find tips and more information on mortgage lending. >

Annabell Meyer

editorial staff

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Private long-term care insurance: 31 tariffs compared with Stiftung Warentest

Thursday, 19.10.17 , written by Annabell Meyer For many people in need of care, the money from the statutory long-term care insurance is insufficient to cover their care costs. So that they do not have to resort to their savings or the financial support of their children in case of emergency, a private nursing care insurance makes sense, advises Stiftung Warentest. A new test shows which tariffs are particularly convincing.  Secure with a private nursing care insurance

Since January 2017, the majority of those in need of care receive more money from the care fund. How much this pays depends on how much help a person needs in their everyday lives. For caregivers in the home, for example, sufferers receive between € 125 in care grade 1 and € 2,005 a month for the highest care requirements. If people can be cared for at home, the benefits are usually lower.

Since the actual care costs sometimes amount to up to 4,000 euros , often creates a care gap, the need for care need to fill themselves. In this case, a private nursing care insurance can be useful. The Stiftung Warentest emphasizes, however, that this only pays off if insured persons can pay the contributions due for life. Because who has to terminate the insurance for financial reasons, loses its complete deposits and protection.

In a recent test, the consumer organization has scrutinized various offers for private insurance. She has paid attention to both the price and the services and has come across some good offers.

Stiftung Warentest considers private long-term care insurance to be sensible

For the new financial test (11/2017), the consumer advocates have compared 31 rates for nursing care insurance . This form of private long-term care insurance makes sense as additional protection, according to Stiftung Warentest. In the comparison both flexible offers and static tariffs were checked with a given staggering of the services depending on the degree of care. In addition, the tariffs for a 45-year-old as well as for a 55-year model customer were examined.

For the elderly insured does not fare in the nursing insurance test with the overall rating very good. The best rating (grade 1.6) received:

Tip: Static or flexible – When choosing the appropriate long-term care insurance, interested parties should make sure that they are adequately secured for every level of care. With a free offer you will quickly find the tariff, which protects you in case of emergency best from high costs.

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Private long-term care insurance: For 45-year-olds, two providers are very good

Among the younger model customers aged 45, HanseMerkur (“PGA”, “PGS”) and Württembergische (“PTPU”), two providers received the quality rating very well (grade 1.5) . Both insurers charge a monthly fee of 56 euros. The consumer organization awards a good or satisfactory rating to the offers for 45-year-old insureds 20 times each. For older customers, 18 offers are good and 24 are satisfactory. The “PflegeSchutz” tariff of VGH, on the other hand, cuts off sufficiently among both the 55-year-olds and the 45-year-olds.

A close look at the contract terms is worthwhile

In addition to the contribution and the agreed daily allowance also played a role for the testers, as the other contract terms of the tariffs fail . This includes, for example, whether the insurer pays only after a certain waiting period, offers the customer the opportunity to regularly increase their daily allowance and also provides, if the insured as a result of an addiction illness in need of care.

In both age groups, the Bavarian civil health insurance fund (“PflegePrivat Premium Plus”) and the UKV (“PflegePrivat Premium Plus”) achieved the top score of 1.0 in this area. However, the best overall rates give only a good rating in this regard. For the choice of private long-term care insurance, it is therefore sensible, according to Stiftung Warentest, to examine the relevant terms of contract exactly.

Here you will find tips and more information on private nursing care insurance. >

Annabell Meyer

editorial staff

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Should we leave the euro?

The question is no longer taboo, it even became very fashionable in the media because it sells newspapers and mounts the hearing. Not surprising! The euro is easy to discredit because it is the fruit of technical compromise and national interests. However, the arguments we hear in the media are fragile or even misleading. Epluchons both of these arguments.

– Firstly, a return to the franc would put us away from financial speculation. Instead, it would make us even more vulnerable.

When the financial markets believe that the value of a currency is not realistic, they speculate downward. For example, before the euro since 1979, our currencies were fixed to each other in an exchange rate mechanism: in other words, whatever the individual economic uncertainties, all currencies varied concert. But in 1992, a series of speculative attacks by George Soros causes a violent devaluation of the pound sterling (15% in a few days). Indeed, Britain has just experienced the bursting of a housing bubble (like yours, a housing bubble …), the high-interest rates inhibit the activity and the country is in recession. Financial markets believe that sterling is overvalued and bet on its devaluation. The problem is that this kind of attack, when it is conducted with sufficient ammunition, is self-fulfilling. But Soros and his cronies – JP Morgan, Bank of America, Jones Investment … – sell for 10 billion pounds short, enough to undo the Bank of England. The pound answers. Soros can then quietly repay its creditors in pounds sterling, but with a devalued pound against the dollar. In short, George Soros earns over a billion dollars.

The same causes produce the same effects. To limit the volatility of our currency (not good for importers and exporters), we will anchor ourselves to other European currencies, as between 1979 and 1999. But the return to national currencies will make them even more vulnerable to the judgment of financial markets. Given the financial strength gained by the banking giants for 20 years, no national central bank will resist a coordinated attack. Recall that the assets of one bank such as Deutsche Bank more than 10 times the GDP of Portugal or Greece. Some advocates of a euro exit advocate capital controls. Back to before 1986, pay a fee for each transfer between companies in the area? … The problem is that speculators, who are those that are with capital controls, have increasingly sophisticated tools that allow them to circumvent these controls while the real economy would suffer.

– Secondly, the return to the franc we read that would be no problem because the debt issued under the national law of contract will be re-denominated automatically new national currency, according to the newly fixed parity. Maybe true for public debt, not to private debt!

If exit from the euro, we expect a devaluation of 10 to 20% of the franc, which will strengthen our competitiveness. But then all the debts of households and vis-à-vis companies from foreign creditors increased by the same amount … For example, if my bank who contracted a loan with Britain asks me to pay 20% more my real estate loan each month, how to cope if my salary has not changed? No way, I do not pay! Is it anecdotal? How many private debts were contracted abroad? The amount owed by households and French companies abroad is 2370 billion euros, that is to say … 1.5 times the French GDP. A trifle.

Also, to prevent a general bankruptcy, should the authorities in each country agree on a non-market exchange rate that allows that contracts are honored (as was the case in Argentina in 2002). So you should choose rules that are necessarily in favor of some and the detriment of others. Who favors? foreign creditors or debtors French? Each country, its scale will ask the same question. In other words, an exit from the euro will necessarily involve a redistribution of cards … How to avoid social disorder at the time of arbitration? Which government will be able to impose the reimbursement rules without undergoing a vast uprising of aggrieved categories? How to deal with conflicts between states in the area, on the gross debt? The recent case of Cyprus and the Argentine case reveal social tensions at the time of such crisis.

Do not panic … just a few numbers and reasoning to understand that leaving the euro is not so neutral that wants to make us believe in the context of the European elections. Even if it sells … The solution that we advocate is expressed there. It was signed by both of us on this blog, and also by Thomas Piketty and Rosanvallon. No partridges last year … So, if you agree, sign!

Government’s Free Credit Score Report – Federal Trade Commission’s Information

Shopping around for very best home loan rate will allow you get an unmatched selection that you want. Remember that a mortgage, whatever form it is, whether moment has come for a property purchase, home equity or refinancing, is entirely negotiable and also changing. It’s task to purchase around, compare rates and negotiate conserve lots of yourself a few hundred to even thousands.

Life may ask you for various things that will be fulfilled any delay. Those who are unable to get to know all your desires with a stipulated associated with time, chances are they’ll accumulate and make the whole situation worse. But to fulfill all instead, what we want it takes a bundle of money. It is here that you realize the value of money. To enable you here have got formed signature loans instant approval loans food and drug administration.

Recruitment is a significant procedure which follows various steps. It’s not easy for the candidates to all the stages and reaches ultimate level without thorough organizing. Thousands of aspirants apply for your post but only a several them get the interview part. If any vacancy arrives the actual planet bank, it’s published over the net or newspapers immediately. The syllabus in addition to what is a bank in the hindi news is easy to get at in when you do. This gives you ample amount of to incomparable the evaluation.

Of course, possess at banks, it’s vital that consider easily just their policy on loans. In their reputations, as defined by other companies and, of course, buyers. How do they treat every that do the job there on the daily base? How are they found in your village? Do their customers express bitter regret at having ever opened an account, or do they talk about their banking definition pdf in glowing agreements? Do some research using the web. The bigger the institution, the more straightforward to acquire a sense of their reputation as a whole.

There undoubtedly some possible lenders waiting to offer you their offers – from the definition of the bank by different authors and mortgage companies to thrift institutions and lending institution. These lenders have different rates and present sorts of remedies slightly. The only method to find out what price each advisor have and what type of mortgage they have is to get in touch with all involved. Fortunately, you can easily contact them through the online world.

06. Precisely what you mean by recurring deposit? – According to this scheme, the customer can remit monthly or quarterly fixed amount for every fixed cycle. For example, an amount of Rs. 1000/- can be deposited for five years, and interest is paid to your depositor as per the period of deposit while using the principal amount on maturity of the lodge.

If you need to save for retirement, something else you should use is to possess a realistic budget and to stay to the concept. Of course, you don’t wish to be deprived, especially if your salary is reasonable. However, you can have a budget that allows have everything that you need and still put away for a retirement plan. A good rule of thumb is to conserve lots of at least 10% of one’s gross income, 15% for anybody who is older than 35 or 40. This is the relatively painless amount location away when you have a significant income and live within the means.